Tales from a guide

I have been privileged to work in some incredible areas of South Africa and with an array of animals over the years. Tales from a guide is about my past; a few stories about the animals, places, and people that have affected, and changed, my life over the years.

Lockdown luxuries

Focussing on what I have Olive Pigeon (used to be called the Rameron Pigeon) I woke up yesterday morning – day 16 of South Africa’s, what is now, 5 week lockdown due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, and I was greeted by a large flock of Olive Pigeons in the […]

Braving the weather

Guiding around the weather Having been at home for the past three days, I decided it was time to go out and see what else would be braving the weather. We have had nearly a week’s worth of rain in the area now and, waking up this morning morning, I […]