Seeing what you don’t see   Recently updated

A guide always makes a difference Paying for a guide to take you on a hiking trail can seem to be nothing more than an added expense, especially if that trail is freely available to the public in any case. If you have never had a guided experience, you are […]

The beach, but no forest   Recently updated

Hiking trails along the Garden Route With a good chance of rain coming in again this weekend; I decided, waking up on Saturday, that I needed to get out and check the river heights before it set in. There wasn’t much predicted, but we have already had quite a bit […]

Salt River wonders   Recently updated

When I lived in the UK, my friends and family would think me odd, well, odder than usual. I worked as a zookeeper and, on my days off, I used to visit not only other zoos, but often my own. For one thing, we always got in for free (all […]

Crab Spiders and other gorgeous critters   Recently updated

With spring in the air, I have been thoroughly enjoying all the extra bird activity around my home, and especially been enjoying the daily Speckled Mousebird activity (one of my favourite birds). The Fynbos biome here creates a wonderful habitat for insects, and there are always fascinating ones to see. […]