The benefits of a guided walk

With so many wonderful trails along the Garden Route, most freely available to the public; how do you decide which trails are best for you, and why should you consider hiring a guide?

Some might think this is just an extra cost adding onto an already expensive holiday, or possibly just a tourist trap, but in reality there are some genuine benefits to having a guide with you on your walk…

  1. I have over 20 years of experience in guiding and I will always see those things that the guests don't see; opening your eyes to the beauty that surrounds us constantly.
  2. I interpret all signs, including animal footprints, bird calls, droppings, etc., and also identifying any animals and plants along the way.
  3. I have done guiding, wildlife rehabilitation, animal training, guide training, zookeepering, game capture, lodge management, and more, stretching over two continents. This gives me a unique ability, having handled most of the wild animals we encounter in a captive environment. I have many stories involving animals, making my walks highly personable.
  4. I have a good working knowledge of the area and can make good suggestions regarding what walks to do and what time of day is best for them.
  5. I arrange any necessary transfers and entrance fees required.
  6. Although this area is reasonably safe for the public, South Africa does have a reputation of a dangerous country and tourists should always be on their guard. Having a guide along assists as a safety factor.

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